Punimet e dorzuara

No. Topic Author Title of Work University Type of Work
1 ISCCE_HCE001 Igli Balla, Oltion Marko Proposing contemporary measures to prevent the phenomenon of erosion ( Korthpula-Puke) UPT Full Paper
2 ISCCE_SEE001 Granit Limani, Armend Mujaj, Valon Veseli The behavior of flat slabs reinforced concrete structures with different floors, in seismic areas UP Full Paper
3 ISCCE_SEE002 Hetem Bimbashi, Armend Mujaj, Guxim Veseli The structural analysis of the frame and dual systems, a case study of the 10-story structure designed based on capacity UP Abstract
4 ISCCE_WWT001 Mikael Lako, Françesko Dërguti, Alfred Lako Membrane Bioreactor In Wastewater Treatment - Case study: WWTP in the Cement Factory “Antea Titan" UPT Full Paper
5 ISCCE_EQM001 Mikael Lako, Endi Biba, Alfred Lako Education for Waste Management UPT Full Paper
6 ISCCE_SEE003 Ylli Murati, Armend Mujaj, Enes Krasniqi Analysis of Structure Response in the Case of Superstructures Case Study: Superstructure of the Technical Faculties Building UP Full Paper
7 ISCCE_CM001 Toni Bakovic, Agathe Robisson, Philipp Preinstorfer, Teresa Liberto Rheological Characterization of Different Clay Minerals for Sustainable Pourable Clay Concrete TU Wien Abstract
8 ISCCE_SEE004 Altina Grajcevci, Armend Mujaj, Labeat Misini Designing cylindrical silos according to "Eurocode" European standards UP Full Paper
9 ISCCE_SEE005 Dren Tahiri, Armend Mujaj, Ilir Canaj Effect of reducing the vertical stiffens of the seismic walls and their retrofit on the Highrise Building of 24 story UP Abstract
10 ISCCE_EQM002 Faze Ukaj Optimising existing municipal waste management systems: a case study of Deçan UP Full Paper
11 ISCCE_ERE001 Xhoana MOLLA, Ilda RUSI Structural Facades, Case of “Forever Green Tower” in Tirana Polis Full Paper
12 ISCCE_CCAM001 Xhoi Malo, Xhuana Skura Climate Change Effects on the Coastal Line of Albania. Case Study of Durresi seaside UPT Abstract
13 ISCCE_GNSDI001 Dardan Muzaqi , Agon Nimani, Bashkim Idrizi Utilization of the QGIS Platform with OSGEO for Publishing and Analyzing Geospatial Data of River and Road Networks in the Municipality of Vushtrri UP Full Paper
14 ISCCE_CM002 Atdhe Haxhimusa, Vjollca Veseli "Experimental Analysis of the Structural and Environmental Dynamics of Partial Replacement of Cement with Glass Powder in Concrete” UP Full Paper
15 ISCCE_CMCE001 Laur Haxhiu, Mirela Balaj, Endrit Vuniqi Analysis of Cold-Formed Sections Elements under compression loads: Conventional methods vs Finite Element Approach UP Full Paper
16 ISCCE_CTM001 Laur Haxhiu, Agon Shaini, Laurit Hafizi, Afrim Idrizi Comparative Cost Analysis of Warehouse Construction Using Different Structural Materials UP Abstract
17 ISCCE_CM003 Kledia Mehmeti Alkali Silica Reaction and its Impact on the Durability of Concrete UP Full Paper
18 ISCCE_HCE002 Argjenda Shala, Bulza Lika, Melisa Fetahaj, Oltion Marko Application of the Erosion Potential Method in Lumbardhi i Deçanit Watershed UP Full Paper
19 ISCCE_CMCE002 Albin Shehu, Alban Kadiri, Blendi Krasniqi, Mergim Lajqi Assessing the Load-Bearing Capacity of Frame Systems and increasing it through the application of FRP Techniques UP Full Paper
20 ISCCE_CMCE003 Fatlind Musa, Armend Mujaj, Albin Shehu, Mergim Lajqi Comparative Analysis of Displacement in Dual Systems with Shear Walls: Utilizing Finite Element Method, Software’s, and Approximate Expression UP Full Paper
21 ISCCE_GCPRS001 Arli Llabani, Ervin Stena The integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for the 3D surveying of rural areas UPT Abstract
22 ISCCE_CCAM002 Denisa Muça, Ledisa Ahmati, Luena Mullaj Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities UPT Full Paper
23 ISCCE_WWT002 Elita Ferati Energy Production Through Treating Wastewater UP Full Paper
24 ISCCE_CM004 Delara Etezad, Agathe Robisson, Teresa Liberto, Philipp Preinstorfer Physical and Chemical Characterization of Basalt Fibers TU Wien Abstract
25 ISCCE_WWT003 Alketa Bislimi, Marigona Xhini Impact of Antibiotics in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Optimal Configurations for Kosovo UP Abstract
26 ISCCE_EQM003 Donjeta Shabani Optimizing Waste Management in Gjilan Municipality: Challenges and Solutions UP Abstract
27 ISCCE_EQM004 Donjeta Shabani Navigating Environmental Legislation: A Comparative Analysis of Kosovo and Turkey UP Full Paper
28 ISCCE_EQM005 Fjosa Sadikaj Enhancing Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Istog Municipality, Kosovo UP Abstract
29 ISCCE_GCPRS002 Bledar Sina, Kledisa Kopaci Exploring the connection between State Leveling Networks and Tide Gauges for Geodetic and Oceanographic Applications UPT Abstract
30 ISCCE_EQM006 Esli Elezi, Aishe Hyka, Kleant Semema Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Surface Mining Areas through the Integrated Waste Management System for Spoils and Constructions UPT Full Paper
31 ISCCE_GCPRS003 Xhesika Hasa The use of drones in Construction Engineering KEK Full Paper
32 ISCCE_CMCE004 Klea Kasa, Huseyin Bilgin 2D vs 3D Models for the Seismic Response Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings EPOKA Abstract
33 ISCCE_CMCE005 Bajram Sejdiu, Elsa Alaj, Egzon Morina, Ilirian Haskaj Advanced Modeling Techniques in Structural Analysis using Finite Element Method UP Full Paper
34 ISCCE_EQM007 Hana Puka Towards Sustainable Waste Management: Challenges, Solutions and Priorities for the Municipality of Prishtina UP Full Paper
35 ISCCE_GNSDI002 Agon Nimani, Dardan Muzaqi, Bashkim Idrizi Potential flood-prone areas identification and mapping using GIS-based multi-criteria decision making and analytical hierarchy process for the territory of Kosovo UP Full Paper
36 ISCCE_WWT004 Argjenda Berisha, Rigona Gallapeni, Eglantina Kurtishaj, Elda Bacaj Advancements in Wastewater Treatment: A Comprehensive Analysis of Technological Processes and Industrial Practices UP Abstract
37 ISCCE_ERE002 Arnold Frrokaj Revitalization of an Old Mine Gallery UPT Abstract
38 ISCCE_CMCE006 Alketa Ahmetaj, Vaid Kryeziu, Miftar Alimusaj, Blendi Krasniqi Optimization of Dimensional Parameters for Structural Elements in Frame Systems UP Full Paper
39 ISCCE_GCPRS004 Eduart Blloshmi, Eljon Peka Implementation and Impact of the CORS Network "GeoNet-Kosova" UPT Abstract
40 ISCCE_CCAM003 Era Fusha, Sindi Alliu, Oltion Marko Carbon Footprint and Carbon Emission Reduction of Higher Education Institution Buildings: Case of Faculty of Civil Engineering Building, Tirana UPT Full Paper
41 ISCCE_CCAM004 Sindi Alliu, Era Fusha, Entela Çobani Building the Resilience of Protected Areas to Climate Change,
Case Study Protected Area Baks Rrjoll, Shkoder
UPT Full Paper
42 ISCCE_GCPRS005 Jonida Rafuna, Aroma Sylhasi, Ymer Kuka Creation of a tourist map using GIS applications for the municipality of Gjakova UP Full Paper
43 ISCCE_CMCE007 Tuana Yilmaz, Hivda Elci, Mehmet Enes Daglioglu, Andrea Lapa, Murat Yilmaz Implementation of Partial Fixities Using Existing Stiffness Equations in Finite Element Models ITU Full Paper
44 ISCCE_CMCE008 Ardijan Shala, Dritan Lajci, Mensur Pali, Alban Kadiri Analysis of vertical structural elements for varying class of ductility in Dual Systems with Shear Walls: Utilizing seismic design standards, specifically Eurocode 8 UP Full Paper
45 ISCCE_GCPRS006 Aroma Sylhasi, Jonida Rafuna, Ymer Kuka Land coverage and the changes occurred between years 2006 and 2018 - case study Gjakova Municipality UP Full Paper
46 ISCCE_CCAM005 Argjenda Shala, Bulza Lika, Melisa Fetahaj Climate Change: Effects, Contributors and Actions Taken - Case Studies of Kosovo and Japan UP Abstract
47 ISCCE_ERE003 Elif Simsek, Fatmaelzahraa Matar, Ali Sari, Alif Altunsy, Onur Gunes Analysis and Design of 5-MW Onshore Wind Turbine Under Wind Load ITU Full Paper
48 ISCCE_HFRM001 Dorea Deda Water Management Systems: State of Water, Challenges and Usage in Kosovo UP Abstract
49 ISCCE_CCAM006 Dorea Deda Climate Change Effects, Contributors and Measures: A Case Study of India and Kosovo UP Full Paper
50 ISCCE_CM005 Muhammad Shahid, Bernhard Pichler, Agathe Robisson Understanding the eight-channel isothermal calorimeter and its outcomes TU Wien Abstract
51 ISCCE_HMB001 Erta Kushta Application of Geodetic Technologies in the preservation of Butrint Archeologic Site UPT Abstract
52 ISCCE_CM006 Subhransu Dhar, Eduardo Machado-Charry, Teresa Liberto, Robert Schennach, Agathe Robisson Spherical balls settling through a quiescent cement paste TU Wien Abstract
53 ISCCE_CM007 Dana Daneshvar Philipp Preinstrofer, Karl Deix, Behrouz Shafei, Agathe Robisson Characterization of Restrained Shrinkage in UHPC- NC Composites Using a Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing System TU Wien Abstract
54 ISCCE_SEE006 Nertila Kongjoni, Neritan Shkodrani The Chronology and Post Fire Effects on General Medicine Hospital Building, Tirana University Hospital Center UPT Full Paper
55 ISCCE_EQM008 Orjada Ngjeliu, Teida Shehi, Konalsi Gjoka Principles of Circular Economy as an instrument to increase the environmental responsibility of businesses UPT Full Paper
56 ISCCE_ERE004 Gloria Ikonomi, Enxhi Qershia, Teida Shehi Embracing energy efficiency processes for a neighborhood building UPT Full Paper
Bashkim Idrizi
Developing and usage of Mobile GIS Applications UP Full Paper
58 ISCCE_CM008 Ard Piraj, Sadik Veseli Improvement of the properties of concrete with fibers addition UP Full Paper
59 ISCCE_CCAM007 Kristjana Omeri, Vlorlinda Daja, Teida Shehi, Konalsi Gjoka Climate change impacts on different stages of waste management system UPT Full Paper
60 ISCCE_ERE005 Teida Shehi, Enkelejda Gjinali, Konalsi Gjoka Moving toward a Circular and Sustainable Energy Paradigm UPT Full Paper
61 ISCCE_CTM002 Monica Santamaria-Ariza, José C. Matos Applying concepts of Reliability, Risk, and Resilience on the Management of Civil Infrastructures UMinho Full Paper
62 ISCCE_CCAM008 Lis Bytyqi Climate Change: Effects, Contributors and Actions Taken - Case Studies of Kosovo and Germany UP Full Paper
63 ISCCE_CTM003 Fjona Ferati, Marin Malotaj, Ibiana Muca, Mateo Qyra The silent struggle of mental, physical and emotional health
in the construction industry
UPT Full Paper
64 ISCCE_CTM004 Boran Minxhozi, Sait Gjoka From Drafting Tables to Digital Models: The Revolution of Civil Engineering in Albania UPT Full Paper
65 ISCCE_CMCE009 Arta Ramadani, Bardha Isufi Potential of Double Skin Façades UP Abstract
66 ISCCE_GCPRS007 Lukáš Běloch Types of Mobile Mapping Approaches Compared to Static Terrestrial Scanning CTU Full Paper
67 ISCCE_CTM005 Aurela Xhelili, Ledi Bello Concrete Saving New Technology U-BOOT SLABS UPT Full Paper
68 ISCCE_ERE006 Alketa Suka, Gonje Luzhnica Integration of Renewable Energy in Urban Environments UP Full Paper
69 ISCCE_EQM009 Edacan Kulak, Elif Altınçekiç Green Buildings ITU Full Paper
70 ISCCE_GCPRS008 Festina Sadiku Visualization of Landscape Changes in a 3D Environment Using the Storytelling Approach UP Abstract
71 ISCCE_GE001 Ndalesa Hoti, Guxim Rrudhani Enhancing Dam Protection and Stability through Optimized Construction Material Selection in Geotechnical Context. UP Full Paper
72 ISCCE_GE002 Besmira Bushaj, Ornela Bic, Brunilda Metkaj, Eliota Merollari A case study or probabilistic laboratory of soil liquefaction UPT Full Paper
73 ISCCE_GE003 Brunilda Metkaj, Ornela BicI, Eliota MerollarI, Besmira Bushaj Comparison Between Static Cone Penetration Test and Borehole UPT Abstract
74 ISCCE_EQM010 Adjela Nasufi, Antonela Perndojaj Sustainable Solutions Exploring Eco-Friendly Building Materials UPT Full Paper
75 ISCCE_HCE003 Erëzana Qarkaxhija Vela Impact of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems on Stormwater
Management: A Case Study of the Mat Neighborhood in Prishtina, Kosovo
76 ISCCE_CMCE010 Alba Rexhaj, Luan Murtaj The Debut of Base Isolators in Albania UPT Full Paper
77 ISCCE_HMB002 Ibiana Muça, Mateo Qyra, Fjona Ferati, Marin Malotaj The Restoration and Preservation of Albania's Mati Bridge UPT Full Paper
78 ISCCE_CMCE011 Mirela Balaj, Laur Haxhiu, Vlora Shatri, Bajram Shefkiu An analysis of (group and individual) Tensioning Techniques in Posttensioned Concrete, Mechanical Insights and Practical Implications UP Abstract
79 ISCCE_HMB004 Dafina Balaj, Era Tytyri, Tringa Rama History of Architecture Renaissance to Modern, British Museum London by Robert Smirke UP Abstract
80 ISCCE_GE004 Renato Gjinaj, Dritan Gjegjaj General limit equilibrium analysis in 2d and 3d of a large landslide in Italian Alps UPT Full Paper
81 ISCCE_CMCE012 Mirela Balaj, Armend Mujaj, Elsa Alaj, Laur Haxhiu Comparative Assessment of Glulam Design Methodologies: Finite Element Analysis, Software Tools, and Approximate Formulations UP Full Paper
82 ISCCE_CMCE013 Elsa Alaj, Mirela Balaj, Erona Berisha, Plator Kryeziu Membrane and Bending Behavior of Plates and Shells using FEM approach focusing on Form Finding Concept UP Full Paper
83 ISCCE_HMB003 Fatjon Valteri, Indrit Koka, Liljana Troci Gjirokastra: A Heritage Preservation Perspective UPT Full Paper
84 ISCCE_HFRM002 Elita Ferati, , Qëndresa Berisha Hydrological modeling of the Fersina River UP Full Paper
85 ISCCE_TE001 Eneida Meçi, Xhulian Kërkoti Evolution of materials movement: A journey through construction transportation innovations UPT Full Paper
86 ISCCE_CCAM009 Euerda Asllani, Olta Lushaj, Dr. Entela Çobani Strategies for mitigation and adaptation of climate change UPT Full Paper
89 ISCCE_EQM012 Grid Fortuzi, Roland Çera, Kleant Semema Integrated Network of Collection and Transportation of Construction and Demolition Waste UPT Full Paper
90 ISCCE_CM009 Eri Vokshi Design Requirements and Applications when Considering Structural Strengthening with FRP Composites Sika Corporation Abstract
91 ISCCE_SEE007 Egzon Ahmaxhekaj, Armend Mujaj, Anita Gjukaj Different additional effects appearing from the structural construction stage. UP Full Paper
92 ISCCE_CM010 Rina Haxhijaj, Laurant Mustafa, Fisnik Tërshana Workability Assessment Methods in Beltic Calcium Sulfoaluminate Concrete Mixtures UP Full Paper
93 ISCCE_GCPRS009 Ilir Heta, , Bashkim Idrizi Automatic transformation of map projection with QGIS.
Case study: RKS’s borders in different Map Projections
UP Full Paper
94 ISCCE_CMCE015 Anisa Cenaj, Marsed Leti AutoCAD Scripting for Efficient Spatial Design and Drafting EPOKA Full Paper
96 ISCCE_HMB006 Besianë Kastrati, Natyra Krasniqi, Nora Spahiu, Riga Isufi History of Architecture Renaissance to Modern, Baroque in Austria, XVIII century – Lucas Von Hildebrandt, Belvedere Palace, Vienna UP Abstract
97 ISCCE_SEE008 Marsed Leti, Gledis Shuaipi, Joana Biba Assessing the Seismic Performance of a Communist- Era Albanian Residential Building Using Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analyses EPOKA Full Paper
98 ISCCE_SEE009 Marsed Leti, Gerta Isufaj A Practical Guide to Incremental Dynamic Analysis for a Premodern Reinforced Concrete Building Template in Albania EPOKA Full Paper
99 ISCCE_WWT005 Orgest Shehi Comprehensive Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Processes and Environmental Impacts: A Case Study of Tirana Water Treatment Plant UPT Full Paper
100 ISCCE_GE006 Alesia Daja Evidence of soil liquefaction and impacts on infrastructure following the 2019 earthquake in Albania: A case study in Durres and Lalëzi bays UPT Full Paper
101 ISCCE_GNSDI004 Endrit Krasniqi Building a database in GeoServer in function of creating a Webmap UP Abstract
102 ISCCE_SEE010 Elton Aliu, Albion Sylaj, Valon Veseli Program of Works for the multi-store Building B+P+5, method used: Gant Chart and Pert Chart UP Abstract
103 ISCCE_EQM013 Eda Krasniqi Formaldehyde as an Indoor Pollutant: Origins, Impacts, and Remedial Strategies. A case study of Kosovo UP Full Paper
104 ISCCE_SEE011 Butrint Kryeziu, Armend Mujaj, Alban Demiraj, Arton Demiraj Experimental and Theoretical Investigation into the Behavior of a Reinforced Concrete Beam with Conventional Steel Bars UP Full Paper
105 ISCCE_GE007 Laurant Mustafa, Fisnik Tërshana, Rina Haxhiaj, Ermir Kurtaj Compaction of Cohesive and Granular Soils UP Abstract
106 ISCCE_HFRM003 Leunora Bala Sustainable Water Resource Management in Albania UPT Full Paper
107 ISCCE_GE008 Kemal Edip, Vlatko Sheshov, Julijana Bojadjieva, Aleksandra Bogdanovic4 Advanced numerical simulations of geotechnical challenges IZIIS Full Paper
108 ISCCE_EQM014 Delvina Çollaku Tackling Indoor Air Pollution in Kosovo: Sources, Impacts, and Mitigation Strategies for Lead UP Full Paper
109 ISCCE_GE009 Arda Karaq, Bledar Morina, Era Bërdynaj, Arianit Bricori, Albesa Bajraktari Structural and Earthquake Engineering UP Full Paper
110 ISCCE_WWT006 Jera Xhelilaj, Kristilda Lala Use of Activated Carbon for Drinking Water Treatment
Case study: Bovilla Water Supply and Purification Plant
UPT Full Paper
112 ISCCE_CTM006 Yllka Binaku, Arbër Binaku, Dr. Esat Gashi Time Programming and Cost Control in Construction Projects UP Full Paper
113 ISCCE_CM011 Meriton Ramizi*, Johannes Kirnbauer, Agathe Robisson Impact of Aging and Storage on Wood Chips for Cement Binding Particle Boards: Exploring Hydration Kinetics of Cement TU Wien Abstract
114 ISCCE_CMCE016 Ardian Bytyci Practical deformation determination of slim floor constructions with the total cross-section method Uni Stuttgart Abstract
115 ISCCE_SEE012 Klajdi Dyrmishi Reliability analysis of factor of safety in retaining walls reinforced with geogrids or geotextiles. UPT Full Paper
116 ISCCE_GE005 Elisa Mehmeti The importance of engineering measures for the prevention of landslides caused by human activity in the area of Cfaka, Gjirokaster UPT Full Paper